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Life Safety Inspections LLC is your Fire Extinguisher Company serving Roane, Anderson, Knox (Knoxville), Blount, Jefferson, Sevier, Hamblin and Loudon.

We are Knoxville’s Complete One-Stop Service.  We offer all sales and service of fire suppression equipment (Ansul, Pyro Chem, Buckeye), commercial, industrial (Paint Booths) and fire extinguisher equipment, CO2, and Halotron and spot protection (spot sprinkler system)

LSI is factory trained and certified to provide full service on all major brands of fire extinguishers, kitchen hood systems (Commercial), Pre-Engineer (Industrial) Paint Booth.  LSI is the Only company in East TN that has a distributorship with Buckeye.  Buckeye is the ONLY extinguisher that is 100% made in America .

LSI keeps current with yearly training at Certified schools and NFPA changes – which keeps you SAFE.  LSI does not want to become rich on one inspection or service (like others in this business), we want you for years to come.  Our pricing reflects our respect for the hard working customer. You will see that we do not plan to get rich on one customer with one job but we do expect to be with that customer for years to come.  You will never see a charge for “O-rings, pins, tampers, diamonds, tank or multiple tanks, regulator testing, or anything else that makes the final bill higher than what we said.  Look at your invoice from other competitors and then look at ours.  For Instance; LSI charges $75 to inspect your hood suppression.  We don’t charge more because your system has two or more tanks.  It does not take that much longer to inspect one tank system or six tanks.  So don’t get “ripped off” by the other guys.  Call us today 865-435-1505 and see why we continue to grow.  All you need to do is call LSI today and see for yourself what you have been missing!

Meet our Mascot Flik’r – Jeff Jacoby recommended the name and the rest is history.Extinguisher logo



Paul joins LSI as the Marketing Manager Call Paul Delude for extinguishers or hood systems


Customer comments

“I have been impressed with your work thus far and I am looking forward to working with you and your staff for years to come.Thanks, ever-so-much!” Robert Laney, CHSP, BSSE. Director of Facilities/Safety Officer

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